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December 6, 2013, 2:33P


There are many useful feature in karaoke7, but not document clearly. I will write some detail here:

UsingAlong Mode:

press key 'u' to enable or disable.

this feature will help practices singing a song or sing a song you never known by singing along with singer and the record or mixed data send to recording device only contain your voice and music. so you can listening to it later or your friend in the other side of internet wont know that you sing along with singer.

require karaoke file with 2 tracks: 1 have singer voice and 1 has no singer voice.

Fast Track Switching:

always enable with mp4,mkv,avi,mpg(dat) by using WASAPI or ASIO driver. Directsound driver will use standard switching

in this feature 2 or more(max =4 tracks) tracks are process concurrently and only the selected track data is send to audio device. So there is no glitch or audio lag when changing a track. I use this feature to sing with the singer .

Auto Volume Control:

the volume control handler is very fast and sensitive it monitor the volume level of song and make the need change in 20ms average depend on the latency setting.

I always set 5ms latency with ASIO driver, so volume control take 5ms(0.005s) to respond this is faster and more reliable than some cheap autovolume control sold on market for $100-$200

VST Supported:

Support vst 2.4 for Microphone input and the music track out put.

Mic Autotune : setup to work with antares Autotune EVO. this work by capture the music note from musictrack preprocess( about latency time before send out to audio driver) then send midi event to Autotune VST then Autotune VST process the Mic buffer then come to the mixer to mix both track together and send to audio device. this autotune is more effective than the hardware call voicelive ( I already test the voicelive and finally let it go to ebay)

Music autotone: this is working by Wave Sound PitchShifter Stereo VST , by shift the tone of current Playing song to user desired tone. by the nearest path shifting

ex: if user set there tone Dm and the song is tone Am then the shift will shift the song up 3 note(or 6 semitones) (A->B->C->D).

this requred that the song analyst and rename with MixInKey software.

will write more

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